Velkristan’s Nirvana

Installed in linear Portland, Oregon, United States.


Dedication Date

Tuesday, October 10th, 2006

Linear Location

Portland, OR

Linear Coordinates

latitude: N 45° 32' 16.78"
longitude: W 122° 39' 19.58"


This plaque honors an extraordinary place, visible only to the pure of heart. Some Velkristani's believe that the springs are the densely compacted essences of the Columbia (Stanklyk to them) and Willamette (Wilhamenta to them) rivers, which disappeared upon merging, once allowing the sea to flow to Portland.


In Linear Portland, 2100 Block of NE 10th Ave (between Tillamook and Thompson) Portland OR 97212.

It is visible from the sidewalks. Do not disturb occupants.

Public Dedication

A special place. The public dedication was 6:30 on October 10th. Nice crowd. Good Velkri Cane Springs Punch.


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