(Towards the Behlnajk) باتجاه البيلهنا جك

Installed in linear Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Behl Kæ/a

Dedication Date

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

Linear Location

Courtyard of XVA Gallery, in Bastikiya district of Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Linear Coordinates

latitude: N 25° 15' 49.827"
longitude: E 55° 18' 0.381"



Access during regular hours of the cafe. As always, we encourage visitors to support our local hosts--and trying the mint lemonade will make that request very easy!

Public Dedication

Public dedication was wonderful, but quite delayed because, in the linear world, it was Diwali, the Indian Festival of Light, so the traffic delayed people up to 90 minutes!!!


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