The Unsoiling of Rockall

Installed in linear Garvellah, Scotland, UK.


Dedication Date

Saturday, August 1st, 2009

Linear Location

Near Garvellah, Scotland

Linear Coordinates

latitude: N 56° 13' 45.72"
longitude: W 5° 47' 28.26"


The underwater realms of Kcymaerxthaere have equally amazing stories as the terrestrial ones. This place is especially interesting because it is a location that started above water. The Unsoiling of Rockall was an incredible act of non-violent (at least to organisms--mostly, until they had no place to go), but it had profound unintended consequences. Because there was so much soil displaced, Mlates and her cohorts ended up filling in the spaces between many archipelagoes--most notably the one that was the site of linear Edinburgh.


it is off the Garvallach Islands, about an hour's steaming from Oban.

Public Dedication

No public dedication--we lowered it to the bottom and the diver untied it, seated it properly and the job was done.