The Hiraoselky Legions

Installed in linear Wheathampstead, Hartford Shire, UK.


Dedication Date

Saturday, October 17th, 2009

Linear Location

Wheathampstead, Hartford Shire, United Kingdom

Linear Coordinates

latitude: N 51° 48' 18.03"
longitude: W 0° 18' 29.11"


It is worth pointing out that thretchlathium are not as common as they were in Kcymaerxthaereal times when they added an exquisite texture to the Endlen Khymuirian countryside. Thretchlathia were an interesting land formation where an incredibly rich topsoil floated above the next layer of earth. The people who lived there were called the Hiraoselky and the gap between the two layers was always exactly the height of the tallest member of the community—who either stooped or had so much soil in their hair they were called sansad lathien sansaidee (roughly: “we could harvest 16 [bushels] of wheat from your head”).


In a field, under some trees, across Amwell Lane from Amwell Cottage, in Wheathampstead

Public Dedication

The celebrants were our gracious hosts with whom the digging and installation was done. Some friends gathered and a toast was had!


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