The Engineer’s Crescendo

Installed in Morley area of linear Perth, Western Australia.


Dedication Date

Sunday, August 23rd, 2009

Linear Location


Linear Coordinates

latitude: S 31° 54' 11.45"
longitude: E 115° 53' 57.67"


The music of the Tehachapi remains one of their greatest achievements. A Tehachapic composer had to the master of a many different skills. Not only did he or she have to create the tonal experience (what we might call the melody) as well as the arrangement and instrumentation, they all had to design the road upon which it would be performed. And, if they wanted to be sure it sounded just right, they tended to be heavily involved in its construction. One of the paradoxes of Tehachapi Music was that to stand by the side of the road was to receive a very incomplete experience--although they are believed to have had some sort of organ in their inner ear that to a large extent neutralized the Doppler effect (though the basic matter of volume remained an issue).


Right in front of the Morley Rollerdrome in the Morley area of Perth, Australia

Public Dedication

A simple ceremony for the hard workers on the installation.


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