Storyteller Flats

Installed in linear Siren, Wisconsin, United States.


Dedication Date

Sunday, June 19th, 2005

Linear Location

Siren, Wisconsin

Linear Coordinates

latitude: N 45° 46' 6.80"
longitude: W 92° 28' 41.19"


Download the Placefinder Card for this marker—it's in triplicate—and then print it out, preferably on card stock (cool color paper welcome!). Just cut the papers into threes (there are printed marks to assist you with this) and distribute the cards to information racks in the area. (And, of course, post some pictures and tag us!)


Mudhen Lake was part of the Siren-Daniels metroplex, though things are sleepier now. But here you will find Storyteller Flats, the place where you might say the Cnen Fi made their last stand. It wasn’t really their last stand, because they made it every night for as long as anyone knows, sitting in the firelight, bragging on the achievements of their ancestors—making claims most people know to be impossible. The plaque says it best, and mothers in the district gWisconsin can still sometimes be heard saying to a spoiled child, “You’re a Cnenfink—and you’ll remember what that means when I’m dead!” Of course, since these days, few people speak the old tongues, the mothers often have to explain. (CnenFenk is the more familiar adjectival form.)


About 5 miles west of Siren, Wisconsin, just off State Route 70--go north on Dunham Lake Road and you'll hit the road Daniels 70. It is at that intersection, cattycorner from the old Daniels Town Hall. Pull over at a safe place and walk over to the property.

Public Dedication

Consecrated by the good spirits and good work of the installers.


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