Sacrifice and Fortitude

Installed in linear Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Graader Mauretan

Dedication Date

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009

Linear Location

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Linear Coordinates

latitude: S 27° 27' 19.85"
longitude: E 153° 2' 5.39"


Few battles have had such an impact on the landscape of the worlds as the Battle of Devils Marbles where the People of the Rock defeated the Material Alliance. And, ironically, that impact is primarily because of the dispersal of the most reluctant of the partners: The Tehachapi, the great road building culture of Kcymaerxthaere. Once established in numerous rezhns, the Tehachapi were resolutely neutral--even during the Battle of Some Times.


If you go to Wickham Street, between Ballow and Constanze in Brisbane's Fortitude Valley area, and stand on the north side of Wickham, then you will see a car park between the Australia Post building on the left, and the building with the Living Edge store on the right. Walk through this car park and you will see a garage in front of you and an exit ramp for the garage to the right. That "street"--it feels more like an alley--is called Alden Street. If you look to the right there and look on the backside of that building a bit higher up (it is on the back of the building with the Living Edge store).

Public Dedication

Formal dedication has not yet taken place, but it was celebrated in the Kcymaerxthaere portion of the Finding Country series at Queensland University of Technology


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