Pracownia (Studio) Forresta Bessa

Installed near linear Poczopek, Poland.


Dedication Date

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

Linear Location

Near linear Poczopek, Poland

Linear Coordinates

latitude: N 53° 15' 46.263"
longitude: E 23° 38' 22.775"


Forrest Bess disaggregation in time casts a harsh light on the dangers of travel across ywrengs and other time frontiers. It was relatively safe for individuals, but the risks were there. Given the sadness of parts of his life, it is a peaceful thought to know the happiness he found here. He also was instrumental in Nobunaga-Gotari's personal journey in giving up his warlike ways.


You head to Sylvarium, part of nadleśnictwo Krynki. This plaque is off the long driveway from the main road, but before you get to the museum and megalithic installation. Nevertheless, it is best to park in the main area and awalk a bit back

Public Dedication

Commemoration included the installation of a panel giving more of the context of Kcymaerxthaere.


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