Poemas y Mapas de [Stoan Orange Glef]

Installed in linear Losana, Spain.


Dedication Date

Saturday, July 26th, 2008

Linear Location

Losana, Spain

Linear Coordinates

latitude: N 41° 18' 18.37"
longitude: W 3° 5' 15.07"


[Stoan Orange Glef] is not technically the name of this gwome (a cognate word meaning "footprint of the nation"), it is the best approximation we can use because the actual name is "written" in the lichen tongue [if you will pardon the expression].

The plaque here honors one of the most important of many lichen gwomes on the planet. The lichen language was impenetrable to most people, but some small communities (hongsedaun) of interpreters--or partial interpreters--grew up around the lichen gwomes because within their poetry and maps was real wisdom.


This is in the small town of Losana in the Soria district of Linear Spain (a couple of hours north of Madrid) off Road SO-P-4121.

After parking by the church, walk up the hill of the town. When the road ends, you will have a chance to continue by going to the right side of the hill (as if it were a continuation of the road. Keep the stone building to your right.

You go to the top where there is a kind of plateau and look to the right. Walk about 50 meters in that direction (right along that same stone building) and you will see it, on your left side. You will be looking up the mountain towards the plaque (there is another site nearby).

Public Dedication

This plaque was installed at the end of July 2008 by the Unidad Valverde, who also conducted some restoration of a nearby wall. The dedication, in co-operation with the Unidad Valverde, will take place in the next 6 months.


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