Pezhephen’s True Home

Installed in linear Clinton, Arkansas, United States.


Dedication Date

Friday, April 29th, 2011

Linear Location

Clinton, Arkansas

Linear Coordinates

latitude: N 35° 28' 50.131"
longitude: W 92° 33' 45.838"


As we begin to learn more about the incredible engineering feat which was the Museum of the Bench, we are learning more about the remarkable Pezhephen. Most people know him only from overly familiar use of the term Pejephen year, but the application of his (literal) vision to the area around what we call Abilene was quite essential tot he success of the Museum. Less well known is the fact that his precise timing of the moons of Jupiter allowed him to also fix the position of his doppelganger who floated in the Ferylemt that surrounded one of what we call the Pleiades.

Public Dedication

Was a simple affair, attended by those of us who installed the plaque. And it culminated in the ritual burning of the cement bags.


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