Installed in linear Holland, Michigan, United States.


Dedication Date

Tuesday, April 26th, 2005

Linear Location

Holland, Michigan

Linear Coordinates

latitude: N 42° 47' 12.09"
longitude: W 86° 6' 17.73"


Download the Placefinder Card for this marker—it's in triplicate—and then print it out, preferably on card stock (cool color paper welcome!). Just cut the papers into threes (there are printed marks to assist you with this) and distribute the cards to information racks in the area. (And, of course, post some pictures and tag us!)


Concerns the aftermath of the Battle of the Platte, specifically the fate of Minotsuna Tano, a leading warlord in the army of Nobunaga-Gaisen (he was also known as Nobunaga the Younger). The bloodletting at that Battle was truly horrific. Ironically, the Urushiol would later find themselves allied with former enemies during the fighting known as The Madness. After years of wandering Tano settled here and formed what some called the university without people. He crafted them out of the things he found here. The word Nozoimi means "hope" in the Nipponic Dialect.

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Plaque is located in front of the DePree Art Center on the Hope College campus.

Public Dedication

The Noizomi Dedication was one of our most festive early dedications, a wonderful banner with the name of the rezhn Kymaerica was sewn on was displayed.


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