Nieproszeni goście (Unwelcome Guests)

Installed near linear Poczopek, Poland.


Dedication Date

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

Linear Location

Near Poczopek, Poland

Linear Coordinates

latitude: N 53° 15' 40.352"
longitude: E 23° 38' 22.775"


The Bar Sinister is one of the most ominous and predatory forces in Kcymaerxthaere--indeed they play a key role in the story of Eliala Mei-Ning. This marker honors one of the few places where, if not defeated, they were at least thwarted. The feeling of visiting is heightened by the fact that surrounding these markers in the linear world is one of the last remnants of the primeval forest that covered linear Europe.

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One turns down the road to the Sylvarium and then, parking at the main area, it is across the main open field to the east.

Public Dedication

There was a small ceremony and an overview marker installed by the Sylvarium teaching a bit mor about Kcymaerxthaere


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