Neue (und alte) Bravenleavanne

Installed in linear Berlin, Germany.


Dedication Date

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

Linear Location

Bessemerstraße 2-22, 12103 Berlin, Germany

Linear Coordinates

latitude: N 52° 27' 58.75"
longitude: E 13° 22' 0.77"


This is the plaque at the entrance to the Malzfabrik and appropriately features the site's connection to the Bravenleavanne, though visitors will discover other histories. The other nice thing is there is a map of the whole Bravenleavanne/Malzfabrik complex--allowing one to easily find the various sites.

Public Dedication

Part of a tour of all Kcymaerxthaere plaques at the Malzfabrik.


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