La Plaza de la Luna

Installed in linear Madrid, Spain.


Dedication Date

Monday, July 18th, 2011

the plaque at the Plaza de La Luna

Linear Location

Plaza Santa Maria Soledad Torres Acosta, Madrid, Spain

Linear Coordinates

latitude: N 40° 25' 16.521"
longitude: W 3° 42' 19.389"


This is the first time we have been able to honor a gateway to the Umbrasphaere--the connection between all the shadows and darkness on the planet. The darkest part of one shadow is always related to the darkest part of the next. it also is a wonderful reminder of the way Nobunaga-Ventreven himself was such a connector of disparate parts of Kcymaerxthaere, his commitment to the richness of the world was, in some ways, unparalleled.

The day after the installation.

Public Dedication

We had an amazing lunar landing party for the dedication.