IiNkwenkwezi eziPhahlileyo (The Stars Beside)

Installed in linear Wynberg, a suburb of Cape Town, South Africa.
Linear Location

The Novalis Ubuntu Institute, in Wynberg, a suburb of Cape Town

Linear Coordinates

latitude: S 34° 0' 28.17"
longitude: E 18° 28' 48.02"


This story reminds us of both the power of the Umbrasphaere to absorb light, but also of the way the many dimensions of the xthaere allows a different kind of proximity than many are used to.


It is in front of the Novalis Ubuntu Institute, visible from their parking lot. 39 Rosmead Avenue, (between Wetton and Ottery Rd), Wynberg 7800, South Africa And, as always, please be respectful of the guard at the parking lot. We sure appreciate Novalis Ubuntu honoring their Kcymaerxthaereal Heritage

Public Dedication

Not yet--but watch the events page


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