Home of the Buratreu

Installed in linear Bridgeport, Nebraska, United States.
Linear Location

Bridgeport, NE

Linear Coordinates

latitude: N 41° 39' 37.0002
longitude: W 103° 5' 56.8962


It is now known that the claim to be the builders of Carhenge was without foundation, and yet because of their meaningful connections to both Cognate and False Cognate (the Urushiol were among the most famous speakers of that tongue) language groups, the power of that myth to the gwomal community is quite important. The other thing worth noting is that, like the Cnen Fi, the story of the Buratreu has become quite resonant to some people in the linear world.


Park in a safe place to read the story. Look for an old railroad roundhouse, the plaque will be on a stone in the grass.

Public Dedication

Installation was in mid-November 2005. There has been no formal dedication.


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