Great Dangaroo Flood

Installed in linear London, England, UK.


Dedication Date

Friday, March 16th, 2007

Linear Location


Linear Coordinates

latitude: N 51° 30' 49.27"
longitude: W 0° 7' 47.97"


The flood is known as the Great Dangaroo Flood because when the band of Tehachapi arrived at the height of the flood in their rafts of asphalt, they assumed that only Dangaroos, the giant war kangaroos whose huge claws could disembowel a man from 20 paces. Their devastating strength was decisive against the Material Alliance (of whom the Tehachapi were a reluctant part) at the Battle of the Devils Marbles, the beginning of the Tehachapic exile.


Though there is a construction site, it is easily visible from the other side of the street--even though it is quite high because of the waterline of the flooding.

Public Dedication

The plaque was installed on March 15th, but the first formal public experience of it was during the Kymaerica London Bus Tour on 3/17/7


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