Ein Geschenk der (a Gift from) Tehachapi

Installed in linear Berlin, Germany.


Dedication Date

Thursday, September 24th, 2009

Linear Location

Bessemerstraße 2-22, 12103 Berlin, Germany

Linear Coordinates

latitude: N 52° 28' 01.81"
longitude: E 13° 21' 57.53"


The feeling of standing on the site of the Tehachapic gift is in no way diminished by the loss of the carefully shaded stones, though it would be remarkable to reconstruct that. Tehachapic composers faced unique challenges. Not only did they have to write the melody and instrumentation, they had to survey and design (and often build) the road upon which the music would be performed.


Come to the main gate of the Malzfabrik when it is open, and map of the grounds will help you locate the plaque. This particular one is on the far side of the main structure.

Public Dedication

We have had several wonderful events introducing the stories of the Bravenleavanne to contemporary audiences.


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