Das Schicksal Der (Fate of) Bravenleavanne

The part of the story installed here:


Dedication Date

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

Linear Location

Bessemerstraße 2-22, 12103 Berlin, Germany

Linear Coordinates

latitude: N 52° 28' 00.47"
longitude: E 13° 21' 53.02"


The story of the Bravenleavanne is the story of a special kind of courage--a willingness to acknowledge their own temptation for too much power. The first site of Bravenleavanne--the one towards which Nobunaga-Ventreven was making his way was long since abandoned when he arrived. By then, fearing corruption, they left that wealth to the wolves and came to this place to begin again. But not only the culture but the people conspired again and the Bravenleavanne had to redefine their way of connecting to the worlds.


Access to the Malzfabrik is off of Bessemerstrasse. Then look for the map of the grounds and you will find your way to this, the site furthest from the front.

Public Dedication

The first tours were on September 24th, but we were lucky enough to do several more. And we have more planned.


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Das Schicksal Der (Fate of) Bravenleavanne

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