Dark and Troubling Days

Installed in linear Houston, Texas, United States.


Dedication Date

Friday, June 11th, 2004

Linear Location

Houston, TX

Linear Coordinates

latitude: N 29° 45' 19.96"
longitude: W 95° 23' 17.02"


Nobunaga-Gaisen (also known as Nobunaga the Younger--especially early in his career) intended to reclaim his birthright in what we call Japan. His plan was to take an overland route. The title of the plaque comes from a surviving fragment of the journals of Nobunaga-Gaisen (also known, as here, as Nobunaga the Younger). The expedition was rocky from the beginning--Park Lee Taf had bolted long before this point. And a full fledged mutiny was being whispered around the troops. However, Nobunaga-Gaisen had received intelligence from a scout that the ocean was near, so he switched the officer's water with the flavorless alcohol like drink known locally as persooth. The officers were determined not to get drunk, so they drank heavily of what they thought was water. By the time they awoke, the good news was known and the rebellious spirit was--temporarily--squelched.


It is on the exterior of the building, visible from the driveway. Respect the owners and the neigbors and don't step on the grass. Visit at a reasonable hour.

Public Dedication

Dedication ceremony was well attended and "Kymaerica, Sambamba Dier" was sung by all present.


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