Crossroads of Kymaerica

Installed in linear Terre Haute, Indiana, United States.


Dedication Date

Friday, May 4th, 2007

Linear Location

Terre Haute, Indiana

Linear Coordinates

latitude: N 39° 27' 57.22"
longitude: W 87° 24' 25.86"


Plaque concerns a key point in the development of the Tehachapic system. And also underscores that the Tehachapi were able to lay down roads in multiple dimensions, though they tended to focus on those where the acoustics were more satisfying.


Easily reached by walking into the Alley. It is next to the band entrance for the Verve and the Book Nation bookstore.

Public Dedication

8:30 PM at the Halcyon Gallery 25 South 7th Street Terre Haute, Indiana 47807 Then we walked to the alley. The Dedication was a wonderful affair. Well attended, with enthusiastic singers


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