Creatures of Density

Installed in linear Mundrabilla, Western Australia.


Dedication Date

Friday, August 28th, 2009

Linear Location

Mundrabilla, Australia

Linear Coordinates

latitude: S 31° 49' 4.72"
longitude: E 128° 13' 30.66"


In our linear world, the Nullarbor is perched above a huge (hundreds of kilometers across) block of limestone. This seems to resonate with the story of the Agogatlovs, who were able traverse the interior of the planet. Though these creatures were strong, they were very simple--dense you might say--and actually seemed to enjoy the attentions of the Tehachapi and helping them with their work.

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When you pull into the gas station at the Mundrabilla roadhouse, it is in median between the gas pumps and the store/cafe

Public Dedication

Bruce Mulroy, proprietor of the roadhouse, helped us install it (we had brought some cement with us). Then we read the story from the marker and sang Kcymaerxthaereal songs with members (the younger set even dressed in costume!) of the Mundrabilla community. It was a great visit.


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