Chupacabra Territory

Installed in linear Beryl Townsite, Utah, United States.


Dedication Date

Wednesday, July 16th, 2008

Linear Location

Beryl Townsite, Utah

Linear Coordinates

latitude: N 37° 52' 55.34"
longitude: W 113° 40' 8.31"


Chupacabras are bloodsucking creatures that inhabit the night. They are quite well known in what we call the linear world. Strangely most alleged sightings do not show the wings for which they are well known. Even this wikipedia entry displays an image with no discernible wings.

It may be that part of the difficulty is that their behavior in the Kymaerican world and the linear world is markedly different for reasons that are understandable but not completely clear. For example, chupacabras prey on a variety of warmblooded creatures and even some cold-blooded ones in the gwomes of the Kymaerican rezhn, but only on goats and humans here in the linear world.

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Always be careful of rattlesnakes and other hazards -- and look to your left (west). Walk in about 70 feet or so and look around. You'll find it eventually.

Take Road 9600N west 10 blocks from the North Beryl Highway. Take a right (north) and go about 100 feet or so, then walk west (left) about 70 feet from the road.

Public Dedication

Two installers performed the ceremony. Plaque installed at Beryl Townsite, in Linear Utah. Explains the powerful presence of the Chupacabra in this vast gwome.


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