Buttonwillow Bivouac

Installed in linear Buttonwillow, California, United States.


Dedication Date

Thursday, February 1st, 2007

Linear Location

Buttonwillow, CA

Linear Coordinates

latitude: N 35° 26' 4.96"
longitude: W 119° 23' 37.15"


Though this is scarcely the most important of the many locations associated with the battle between Alleigh and its water colony, one sees two important things in particular: first, the way our language remains influenced by these xthaereal conflicts and second, that the Tehachapi were quite successful in insisting that their roads not be used for military purposes.


Best way to get there is to get to 7th Standard Road (I am pretty sure there is an exit both north and south from Interstate 5). It is the exit just north of the Buttonwillow Exit. Anyway, you go East on 7th Standard Road from I5. Take a right (going south) on Morongo--the sign is often missing. (Tracy Road is before Morongo and Brandt Road is East of Morongo. Also--just to make life interesting, it is called MorAngo Road on Google Maps; which is silly because it was named for the Bishop Morongo in Notgeon). Eventually you'll see a sign for Morongo and Popet, it is south east of that on the left about 50 yards or so (that's a guess--email us with a more precise count)

Public Dedication

No public dedication. Just a simple ceremony by the two installers.


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