Adalanta Desert

Installed in linear Atlanta, Georgia, United States.


Dedication Date

Saturday, January 21st, 2006

Linear Location

Atlanta, Georgia

Linear Coordinates

latitude: N 33° 47' 11.91"
longitude: W 84° 24' 44.12"


It tells the story of the building the great Tehachapi Roadways that crossed the searing desert that covered many gwomes, including Atalanta and Ironinh and parts of Stoan Mountin. But with hospitality rare and far between, it was inevitable that momentous meetings would take place--from self-connection as with Iglesia Guitierrez to Nobunaga-Gaisen's near fatal in consequence meeting with Alcibiades.


It is downstairs at The Westside:

You go through the archway to the right of Star Provisions/Bachanalia and into the courtyard and then downstairs. Look around that lower level of the courtyard.

Public Dedication

Was part of the Kymaerica Bus Tour that went from Adalanta to Athenz.


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Sfawm Chd

Yhgffyueo IUFyr


Iglesia Guitierrez



Martha Pelaski

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