A Swath Like Stars

Installed a bit east of linear Lake Grace, in Western Australia.
Linear Location

A bit east of Lake Grace, Australia

Linear Coordinates

latitude: S 33° 6' 13.035"
longitude: E 118° 36' 37.6482"


This was the site where once the Ratimika saw others approaching them. At first, they feared antagonists, but realized it could be one of those vertical lakes. They took some small rocks and threw them, revealing that it was only water. But, incredibly, the jagged pebbles entered the water in such a way that they formed the shapes of 17 of the Rezhns of Kcymaerxthaere, leading many people to believe that 17 of the subtracted infinities are channeled through this place.

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Pull over by the side of the Lake Grace-Newdegate road about 16 km, due east of Lake Grace town. Near intersection with Duckworth Road. It is on south side of road. Plaque is also part of the Kcymaerxthaere Historical Site of the same name.

Public Dedication

The precise installation date for the plaque is not known. A formal dedication may yet take place.


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