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Including Rezhns, Gwomes, and Districts.

Note: Glossary items beginning with "[" are displayed alphabetically.

  1. U

    1. Ubaunt

    2. uhther


    3. Uintotheria

      A rhinoceros-like creature with knobs and protuberances all over its face and head

    4. Ukoo Tanai

    5. Umbrasphaere

      The connection between all the shadows and darkness in the worlds--the darkest part of one place can be accessed through the darkest part of the next

    6. Umtevel

    7. Uncertainty

    8. Unguscka

    9. unterschaft

    10. upawm


    11. Urgend God of Directionality

    12. Ursucia

    13. Uru Urush

    14. Uruguensis

    15. Urus Penchi

    16. Urushiol

    17. uv


  1. V

    1. [Valp]

    2. Vannsä

    3. vArkansas

    4. Vassal

    5. Ve Tehachapi

    6. VeCnen

    7. Velchma

      The ritual re-creations of important battles that are so important to worship in certain gwomes.

    8. Velkristan

    9. Velkristani

    10. velvens

      One of the few benches used as currency, notably in nDakotaskal.

    11. Vendanao

    12. Vengefot

      A composite construction material made from a rare cicada secretions holding together pebbles and other round stones. Sometime petrified seeds (mostly beans and sweetpeas) are used.

    13. Ventreven

    14. Ventrile

    15. Verstynehandwerk

      Manual fossilization

    16. Vesuvii

    17. Videtst

    18. Vray Maysonne

    19. Øvret Peltesh

    20. Óvret Peltesh

      No Man's Land

    21. Vrginia

  1. W

    1. Wærren

    2. wahngeau

    3. Wakaw

    4. Walton

    5. Wapello

    6. Wardington

      site of the accords that led to the custom of exile that transformed warfare in Eldlen Kymhuir (the lands of exiles).

    7. Warre

      Organism that prefers the shallow waters near edge of large freshwater lakes. Best known for being a creature without metabolism

    8. Warrea

    9. Washington

    10. Water Mole

      Creatures who are able to tunnel through water, leaving behind a mucus that hardens on contact with water. Widely domesticated, they allow gwomes to thrive in the undersea world (seawater tends to produce a more robust tunnel wall than freshwater--but freshwater water mole tunnels can still be used in many circumstances). In the District of Eskandia they are called Mullvad Vattin.

    11. Webster

    12. Welthland

    13. Werbarna bilu raengit

    14. Whahawka

    15. Whalden

    16. Wheel of Faith

    17. whidg


    18. White Sans

    19. wikkid


    20. The Willamenta

      Velkristan's National poem is known as The Willamenta, and is believed to be based in part on the tragedy of Eddgar and Benn. By bard Wtib Tstetrat.

    21. Willaugh

      meaning "refuge for the pursued."

    22. Windley Key

    23. wirld

    24. Wra(s)

      Benchmakers’s social clubs

    25. wSeoths

    26. wullvz

      plural of wolf

    27. Wymaarrren

  1. X

    1. xAphrikk

    2. Xevdakz

    3. xthaere

      A shape with almost an infinity of dimensions or sides--infinity minus twenty-nine to be precise, although different cultures sometimes meant different numbers, it was almost always a multiple of twenty-nine

    4. xUtah

    5. Xvøddayenn