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Including Rezhns, Gwomes, and Districts.

Note: Glossary items beginning with "[" are displayed alphabetically.

  1. Q

    1. qEicesturn Estrelliia

    2. Quartz of Courts

      The Museum of the Bench's first display area utilizing Massively MultiBench LAL after the work in the Experimental Large Area Lenticularity Facility was completed.

    3. Qui Xi

      Name of a General of the Conch Republic; famous for (along with the Consul Ar Switlik) leading the gwome to defeat at the Battle of Marathon.

    4. qWest Virginia

  1. R

    1. Raalberdus

    2. Ra/a/taan

    3. Rabansg

      Impish dolphin-like creature who designed and built the air-water-ships, essentially massive water-filled dirigibles, known as ghelyrns, which they and other sea creatures use to get to the other side of what we call Siberia, without all that swimming.

    4. Ranyinn

    5. Ratemiki

    6. [rBaikylmaara]

    7. Realm of Kompass

    8. Recovered Lands

    9. reiрин

    10. reis p virëlsj

      (The madness). The devastating conflict between those who believed in Gods and those who believed in the Worlds.

    11. Remnal

      A ghost outline of a former Tehachapi road, often only perceptible from the air.

    12. Resju Dakata

    13. !retep

    14. Reyaksu

      A term for a type of smaller water mole tunnel

    15. rezhauyse

      To be happy, rejoice

    16. rezhn

      in Kymaerican times, a body of land and waters similar to a continent

    17. Rhyoleind

    18. Rhyoleir

      The rare lighter-than-air mineral that gave Rhyoleind its wealth. Sometimes called rhyolite

    19. rhyolite

    20. Rhyolyaseh

      The heavily weighted lead bottles used to store Rhyoleir, the lighter-than-air mineral that gave Rhyoleind its fame and fortune.

    21. [Rimabelate]

    22. rKansas

    23. Roav

    24. Rockall

    25. Rockall

    26. Rockefeller

    27. RockMary lizard

    28. Rome

    29. Royal Family of Rockall

      A fiefdom of filth and wretchedness in distant Rockall

    30. Rsrita

    31. rt

      the base; a kind of plant that is underground--like a carrot or potato

    32. Rubt

    33. rVermont

  1. S

    1. (s)

    2. sabon

      A reproduction bench.

    3. Sacklnauss

    4. Sacramento Iron

      Low grade iron that rusts very quickly, unless kept completely dry, used in the making of the Common Jevrrecken bench.

    5. Sažera Malawai

    6. Sagtheid

    7. sambamba

    8. Sambamba Deutsch

    9. San Anselmeaux

    10. San Benitoite

    11. San Francisco

    12. San Miguel

    13. San Nicolas (claimed by G. M.V.,Alleigh)

    14. Sandafuegan

      Relating to the fire cult of Sandafuegos

    15. Sandafuegan Uintotheria

      Skittish animal known for calving in the calm of the Kulver Glade.

    16. Sandafuegos

      The Sandafuegans are thought to be the first people to attempt to unify all of pCalifornia under a single banner.

    17. Santa Barbour

    18. Sarge Brannan

    19. [sarkassum]

    20. [Sarkassum] Kymaerica

    21. Sascatchanon

    22. Saskcy

    23. SATGAN

    24. saygollin

    25. scarification baths

    26. sCarolina

    27. Schevalterre

    28. Schtoann

    29. Sciattle

    30. sDakata

    31. seklude

      to place under house arrest

    32. Sendai

    33. Senging

      A musical component of certain Tehachapi roads

    34. Sentreriya

    35. Sentrists

    36. Seviere

    37. Sevral Acrlaat

    38. Sfawm Chd

    39. sGeorgia

    40. Shaastaa

    41. Shøaf

    42. Sharaara Tlar

    43. shelvern

    44. Shirotsumek

      A famous hill in Alleigh, not far from linear Dodger Stadium. Means little white flowers in Nipponic.

    45. Shlawகுvnon

    46. shuud

      ought to

    47. Sierra-Nevada

    48. silicane

      a powerful tranquilizer developed independently in many different areas of the Kymaara. Often used in place of lethal force in warfare

    49. Silleries

      Like Magothies, these are forms of secaceous airborne tissue. These pseudorganisms are not quite alive--almost like prions--but they are possessed of a powerful curiosity. They often gather off the shore of the Beytalmo--the harborside portion of Naytelmo

    50. sillpencyl

    51. Sirks

      Markings comprised of two circles with a solid dot in the middle found along an edge of (and defining the subsequent "suit" of) a Museum of the Bench Trading Card, relevant to the play of the game of Chef-Ni-Zhin.

    52. Siskiksis

    53. six

    54. Skadalia

    55. Skelvyn

    56. Skorpienne

    57. skrtdged

      burned harshly

    58. Slausistan

    59. slemet

    60. Slev

    61. Slo

    62. sMississippi

    63. sMontana

    64. Smyrna

    65. snev

    66. Solama

    67. [solanalos]

    68. Sopa Nurrus

      Meaning "Water of the Gods."

    69. Soul of the Bench

    70. [S]pCalifornia

    71. speatdgliss

      to be unable to talk

    72. Sphaltway

      A Tehachapi roadway

    73. SprenᎧdellet

    74. sSziggzby

    75. Stakehaulders

    76. Starting Keys

    77. Stekcenne

    78. Stoan Mountin

    79. [Stoan Orange Glef]

    80. Stoan Orange Glef

      [Stoan Orange Glef] is not technically the name of this gwome (a cognate word meaning “footprint of the nation.")

    81. sTortuga

    82. Stultices

    83. stynemesse

    84. sub-ledes

    85. Suissun

    86. Surapatru

      Legless mammals with fur so soft it slid through time, and so tough passing through simultaneous dimensions of Ferylemt was no trouble at all.

    87. surdge

      look for

    88. suru


    89. Sutter

    90. Sutton

    91. Svenskcy

    92. Swanee

    93. sWashington

    94. Sylvurr

  1. T

    1. taconite

    2. Tagan

      Stupid; Foolish; The Tagans were often the butt of many cruel jokes

    3. Tagan Brides

      In actuality is a Hornby Uintotheria but refereed to as a "Tegan Bride" at the expense of the Tegans

    4. Talma

    5. Taruகுvarochi

    6. tauld


    7. Tayla

    8. tdgurtdg


    9. Techachapi

      The great road-building civilization of Kcymaerxthaere.

    10. Teftdgapi

    11. Tehachapi

    12. Tehachapi [origen]

    13. Tejas

    14. Terrain

    15. terrar

    16. Terrau

    17. Terredumerre

    18. textural cognate

    19. Texture Flag

    20. TGHP (True Grid Home of Paris)

    21. Thames

    22. Thee


    23. Thermomatria

    24. Thermopolis

    25. Thoorimak

    26. [three syllables]

    27. Thretchlathium

      An unusual land formation that looks like a gentle, pastoral landscape from above ground, but is actually the rich topsoil floating unsupported a couple meters above the earth.

    28. Thretchlathium

      An unusual land form consisting of top-soil suspended a few meters above the ground

    29. Til

    30. Timon

      Witness to Nobunaga's Samurai efforts that ensured a Spartan victory over the final Athenian counterattack at the Battle of Athenz.

    31. TimshElf

    32. Tintahn

    33. Tlapak

    34. tLondn

    35. tMaale

    36. toise

      unit of measurement

    37. Toiseaux

    38. tOklahoma

    39. traughdden

      have walked

    40. Trenchan

    41. Trinity

    42. The True Grid Home of Paris

    43. Tsarka Baikkall

    44. Tsoezpentse

    45. tsomanf

    46. Tsubeau

    47. tSuperior

    48. Tsyckamarkti

    49. Tuality

    50. tumblewood

    51. Tunikate

    52. Tuolumne

    53. Tyalafehr

    54. Tyiuo

      The sour beverage that was a staple of Awaswran social life.