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Including Rezhns, Gwomes, and Districts.

Note: Glossary items beginning with "[" are displayed alphabetically.

  1. M

    1. Macadamy

      Musicans Guild

    2. Madagada

    3. Maetter-Candler

    4. magnesium/stynemesse paint

    5. Mahnrow

    6. Maidenspools

      Used for bathing the princesses of Polligis Bay, they are lined with the secretions of year old Water Moles and tend to be in shallow reefs up to 10 miles from shore.

    7. Malad

      One) a far off place Two) a place with bad, but also sad feeling

    8. Mallybattles

      Cognate term for "false rock", adopted to describe a type of bench used to sit on while reading lichen poetry.

    9. Manhattaan

    10. marcessants

      Certain plants that normally look dried-out, sometimes used in benchmaking.

    11. Marin

    12. Mariposa District

    13. Marithon Coalition

    14. Markleestan

    15. Markohn Najeralki

    16. Markohn Najeralki

    17. Marten

    18. Martha Pelaski

      Owner of the small trading post that spawned the great city in the Adalanta Desert

    19. Martial

    20. Massively MultiBench LAL

    21. Matagordo

    22. Maury

    23. mauwtain


    24. Mdeu Hayz

    25. mdnlprx

    26. meare

      mother; she who gave birth to you

    27. Meihn

    28. Mendocino

    29. Mesinamati

    30. Mestuptomainia District

    31. Mgfjditelu

    32. Microrezhn1

    33. MicroRezhn2

    34. Microrezhn3

    35. Millieu

    36. Minoans

    37. Minotsuna Tano

    38. Misskeks

      An archipelago of saltwater lake strung high above the vast rezhns of Leddl

    39. Mlates

      A common female first name in Klonosfar, means force of nature

    40. Mlates gi Dunhuira

    41. mMaine

    42. mNebraska

    43. MoB Isulbi

    44. Mono

    45. Monterrey

    46. Morgan

    47. Mshalie Wasoomoo

    48. Muscatene

    49. Museum of the Bench

      The 430,000 acre facility overlapping, as well as north of, what we call Abilene in linear Texas. Founded by Park Lee Taf. Also known as Musim Giinwuija.

    50. muuv

      chang locations

  1. N

    1. Næytelmo

    2. Najk /efr

    3. Namama/ay

    4. nAniatp

    5. Naparole

    6. Nascyera

      The name of the young woman who had fallen in love with Nobunaga-Gaisen and he with her and later saves him from self-obliteration. She is also famous because the name of her gwome was so hard to pronounce that most outsiders just call them Nascyera's people. They were culturally aquatic, meaning that although they lived underwater, they were still dependent on atmosphaeric air that came through water mole tunnels.

    7. nau

      at this time

    8. Nayn

    9. Naytelmo Syrjainen

    10. Nayumbo

      The great philosopher perhaps most famous for his remarkable wall.

    11. nazhuin

      a form of gwome

    12. nCalifornia

    13. nCarolina

    14. nDakotaskal

    15. nDelaware

    16. Neverglades

    17. Newport

    18. Newport Niguel

    19. Nez Pince

    20. ng-maun-gekk

      The first visitor greeting area at The Museum of the Bench.

    21. Nippon

    22. Niubes Magallenes

    23. NJersey

    24. nMaryland

    25. nMassachusetts

    26. nMichigan

    27. nMinnesota

    28. nMobile

    29. nNevada

    30. Nobunaga-Gaisen

    31. Nobunaga-Gotari

      The founder of the Clan of Nobunaga, who wrote the legendary lines concerning the Fate of the Clan of Nobunaga. It was he who had unified the much of what we now call Japan before his most trusted lieutenant tried to kill him and left him for dead.

    32. Nobunaga-Ventreven

      the distant descendant of Nobunaga-Gotari who took it upon himself to retrace his family's steps and understand their paralysis.

    33. Noizomi


    34. Nora Hawks

    35. North Catalina

    36. North Washington

    37. North-South Road

      Gwome: nVigo Of Tehachapic roots, this North-South road is still in use today although not the thoroughfare it once was, the crossroads of Kymaerica are honored here.

    38. Northwest Urban Pavilion

    39. Notgeon

    40. nPennsylvania

    41. nPhlorida

    42. Nu Decatur

    43. Nuurembella

    44. nVigo

    45. nyaaminds

      A creature which is extremely static. Their genetic structure is not similar to any other organism.

  1. O

    1. obdyraté

    2. Oceana

    3. oCymru

    4. Odessa

    5. Ogatlov

    6. OGeorgia

    7. Okemos

    8. Okneehamejan

    9. Olinfr Brothers

    10. Ontaria

    11. Orange127

    12. Ora/unga

    13. Orbit of Trade

    14. Orofino

    15. Otcol Niar

      The polyhaedra whose surface the river maiden Adrienne asked for in marriage.

    16. Oundary

    17. Our Lady of the Grid Church

    18. Outwash

    19. OVERVIEW

    20. Owenzverndt

    21. ozomulsion

      A quack remedy that preyed on people familiar with the liqueur known as Toiseaux

  1. P

    1. Pairs

      Parallel lines found along an edge of (and subsequent "suit" of) a Museum of the Bench Trading Card, relevant to the play of the game of Chef-Ni-Zhin.

    2. Palmery

    3. parasitic ivy

    4. Paresse

    5. Parisian Diaspora

    6. Park Lee Taf

      A korean interpreter who founded the Musim Ginuija (Museum of the Bench) and fled the expedition of Nobunaga-Gaisen.

    7. Park Lee Taf

      Founder of the Museum of the Bench

    8. Pas du Paresse

    9. Pavilion 666

    10. pBeryan

    11. pCalifornia

    12. pColorado

    13. peepl

      populace; groups of humans; the masses of humanity

    14. Pejephen Year

      A year followed by many gwomes in Kcymaerxthaere amounting to approximately 744 of our earth days. It is often interesting to encounter the seasons in such a gwome. The name is a corruption of the name of the legendary engineer.

    15. Pel Kwint

    16. Peon

    17. Petach Sisters

      One of the clans associated with the 3rd Band of the Tehachapi - notable for their legendary game of Chef ni Zhinn against the Olinfr Brothers.

    18. Pezhephen

      The legendary engineer who contributed so much to the Museum of the Bench. Also the term Pejephen year is a corruption of his name (because of his extraordinary eyesight he could actually see the individual moons around Jupiter--even during the day).

    19. Philippe

    20. Phinboss

    21. Phlorida

    22. Phlorida Keys

    23. Pickens

    24. Pieter van Amsterdaam

    25. PietraSanda

    26. pietse

      a portion of; one of (when referring to clothing)

    27. Pirps

      Perpendicular lines found along an edge of (and defining the subsequent "suit" of) a Museum of the Bench Trading Card, relevant to the play of the game of Chef-Ni-Zhin.

    28. pKostass

    29. Placehaulders

    30. Placer

    31. Platte Republic

    32. Playas

    33. Pleiade

    34. Pleiades

    35. Plumasche

    36. pMissouri

    37. pNueva Llorck

    38. Point Source Island

    39. Polligis Bay

    40. Polonia

    41. polyhaedra

    42. Pomzhirl

    43. porfire Golden

    44. Poshchim Barrems

    45. Potemkents

      followers of maritime death shrines

    46. poton

    47. Potsdam

    48. Powder River

    49. pravk謬otnas,

    50. prelleg

    51. Presqui Isle

    52. Proscenium Spider

    53. pSakhalin

    54. [pSambamsa Bdfadk]

    55. Psamlaven

    56. pSegolene

    57. pSegolene

    58. pSerrbia

    59. Psychine

    60. pTainan

    61. pTampa

    62. pTejas

    63. pTennessee

    64. Puhnee

      The brutally thuggish criminal organization active in many gwomes, notably Shagree

    65. Purifoy Nation

    66. Putnam