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Including Rezhns, Gwomes, and Districts.

Note: Glossary items beginning with "[" are displayed alphabetically.

  1. E

    1. Eastbay

    2. Eauxhippus

      A small horse, particularly bright and strong. Thought to have been extinct in the linear world.

    3. Eculev Muendi

    4. Edmund Fitzgerald

    5. Efurhleen

    6. Ehbaenthe

    7. ehnd

      in addition to; and

    8. Ehtephra

    9. eIowa

    10. Eklase Angrovia

    11. [eKmdb]

    12. El Dorado

    13. Elaruwhoa

    14. Elbnaweft

    15. ՐelᎧeso

    16. ՐelᎧeso

      A saturated oxygen vent containing breathable water.

    17. Eliala Mei-Ning

    18. Eljeverser

    19. Ellijaye

    20. Ellum

    21. Elneժըeto

    22. elsa

      also; as well as

    23. elts

    24. Embassy Row (of the Parisian Diaspora)

    25. Embaudy

    26. Emmanuel

    27. Empedraza

    28. Empee

    29. Endaetti

    30. England

    31. Enntea

    32. [EphilKcymeri]

    33. Erailen

    34. Erailet Lazu

    35. Erie

    36. ernmao

    37. Eskandia

    38. Esmerelda

    39. Esmerelden

    40. Esseigh

    41. Esther Tabran

      With unbridled and unrepentant outrage, was the key link that left the mighty empire (Royal Family of Rockall) a mere rump of rock accenting the sea.

    42. Estrelliia

    43. ESZ-Miami/Dead

    44. Euclagypt

    45. Euconch

    46. Evans

    47. [even, extended horizontal gesture of a hand]

    48. Everglades

    49. /evral

    50. Evrgrowst

    51. Evr/nau

    52. Exekk

    53. Exile

      Meaning 'deceased' in false cognate

    54. Experimental LAL (Large Area Lenticularity) Facility

    55. Exshire

    56. Extract of Firefly

      Used by the Tehachapi after the gwome truce of the Keys

  1. F

    1. Faerie

      lightness; intuition

    2. falla

      to come after, to follow

    3. False Cognate

    4. False Nimrim

    5. Faltese

      The Ocean Desert Floor off the coast of linear Namibia

    6. The Faltese

    7. Faltese

    8. Farallones

    9. Farallones Gulf

    10. Farallones Islands

    11. The Fate of the Clan of Nobunaga

      The words of prophecy that Nobunaga-Gotari scorched into a massive log after crossing what we call the Pacific (on the long route back to Hizurokoro, on the edge of death, following his near assassination) which are credited for his recovery.

    12. faurbad

      denied permission to; forbade

    13. [feather]

    14. Federica the Unifier

    15. Fegrean Uhn

    16. Fegren

    17. Fegren

      the only surviving structure from the Braethrens monastery district; also: a synonym for small

    18. feldspaar

    19. Fendest

      Gwome of Endlen Kymhuir noted for its vast uniform organisms -- humans are only visitors there

    20. Ferkla

    21. Feryl Cats

    22. Ferylemt

      A quality of existence as different from Time and Space as they are from each other.

    23. Ferylemt

    24. Fidăyletto

    25. Flatland

    26. Fleche

    27. Fleche

    28. Fljot

    29. Fmburat

    30. FMTowns

    31. Forsyth

    32. Fort Tayla

    33. Franchise Gwome #217

    34. Franchise Gwomes

    35. Frederica The Unifier

    36. Fromage du Mer

    37. Frontage

      The family name of a father and son who were quite prominent in Kymaerican history.

    38. Fronteja

    39. FTLP

      Fraternitee de les Paris - Brother hood of the Parises

    40. Fuhleren

    41. Fyreshelf

  1. G

    1. Gadsden

    2. Gall Attinn

      The leader of the Urushiol, who gave Culev Larsze his favorite saber-tooth riding tiger, and then walked home, never resting until he arrived at the Bench of Culev's Gift, a simple bench at a place of convocation.

    3. gallaatan

      A super-toxic extract of poison oak, used by the Urushiol people in ritual scarification.

    4. Gallitinn

    5. [Gallywyx]

    6. Galvesston

    7. Ganz Wra

      The Wra that controlled distribution of awaswrite and held the honor of hosting the major chef ni zhinn tournaments.

    8. Gbenef

    9. Geldwll

      District of Shadows in the Cognate tongue

    10. Gelvelin

    11. Gemland

    12. Generica

    13. Gennessee

    14. gensings

      A wrongfully labeled spice, eaten by Investering Bonkmin, which reinstalled their moral compass, leaving them incapable of doing their work.

    15. Georges Bank

    16. Geraldine

      Originally one of a group of ruthless mercenaries that came into being on the site of the New Singapore in west nMichigan. Now a more general term for cutthroats who have still retained a slight, but detectable, sliver of conscience.

    17. Germany

    18. Gevlin

    19. Ghakts

      A very poor woman who was brought a blanket of Surapatru fur by the Haedro of Umtevel, knowing that it would bring about her dream of staying on the bench she had shared with him for an entire winter.

    20. ghelyrns

      Massive water-filled dirigibles that float over the land masses of what we call Siberia, allowing certain sea creatures to get to the continent's other side. Designed and built by impish dolphin-like creatures called the rabansg.

    21. Gheme

    22. The Glenn

    23. Glynn

    24. gMenensvale

    25. Gnacien

      Gnaciens were deer-like creatures with 7 legs. The prime numbered legs were nutritious and could sustain one for a month. The non-prime numbered legs were poisonous unto death.

    26. gNamibese

    27. Gnaw 11 Vaalentia

    28. gnejeunn

    29. gNew Mexico

    30. gNu Guinea

    31. gNu Hampshire

    32. gnujaa

    33. gnujaan

    34. Gordon

    35. Graader Mauretan

    36. Grader Egypt

    37. Great Kcyrguelyguo Expedition

    38. Greater Mar Vista

    39. Greater Ohkaiddo

    40. Greene

    41. Greenleigh

    42. Greyzsch

    43. The Grid

    44. The Grid Paris

    45. Grid’s Mission

    46. Grisly Bar

    47. Øgriyaa Pjerumah

      Cognate phrase, often translated as Champion's Gift, which literally means "something for the home of the one who believed in me."

    48. Groom

    49. Ground

    50. grwost

      Time guide

    51. Gspel

      the truth; the word

    52. Guantelria

    53. Gubernr

      One who rules over a region without national status.

    54. Gushuzhigua

    55. gwaumtry

      like a gwome

    56. gWisconsin

    57. gwome

      term meaning “footprint of the nation”; sometimes (and inaccurately) used as a synonym for country.

    58. The gwome known as “#0008FG”

    59. The Gwome known as “#0009FG”

    60. The gwome known as “#0014FG”

    61. The gwome known as “3.14159”

    62. [gwome name is midday]

  1. H

    1. Habersoque

    2. Hadgraadar

    3. Haedra

    4. Haedro of Umtevel

    5. hAhntaria

    6. Hamilton

    7. Haralson

    8. Harrison

    9. haumestedler

      the eldest unmarried daughter of a Notgeon family

    10. Hausssman

      A great architect who arranged the city plan of the Paris of Cradala.

    11. Hemit

      Flightless birds

    12. Hemits

      Migrating birds of Avalon

    13. Herringgone

    14. Hiraoselky

    15. Hizurokoro

      Meaning "Land Where the Sun Rises" in local Nipponic dialect.

    16. Hizurukoro

    17. Hoapwell

    18. hOhio

    19. hOhio

      Traditional shorthand for the district of Heikou Hio. Heikou is “parallel” in Nipponic.

    20. Holland

    21. Hornby

    22. Hornbyites

    23. hRode Island

    24. Humboldt

    25. Humbrecht

    26. huum

      the person that is being acted upon; whom

    27. Hygrilmnhvfy

      A kind of ruthless commercial enterprise — known for their unusually complete disdain and comtempt for customers, which developed a way to move large numbers of people (especially second-class citizens known as placehaulders) using mobile landscapes like this one.