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Armies of Complexity

The Armies of Complexity on the plaque at Triangles site in linear Deming, NM


The Armies united to fight Kmpass, the Urgend God of Directionality at the Battle of Some Times

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Including Rezhns, Gwomes, and Districts.

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  1. A

    1. A

    2. aAddisab

    3. aAlabama

    4. aArizona

    5. Abajos

    6. Acadian

    7. Adrienne

      The river maiden that asked for the polyhaedra Otcol Niar's surface in marriage.

    8. Aedguerre

    9. Agogatlovs

      Creatures of density living utterly below the surface

    10. Aian

      Of or pertaining to the gwome of A in the district of mMaine.

    11. aIdaho

    12. akkrding

      Referencing; according; being the source of.

    13. alauwne

      To be by oneself.

    14. Albine

      A geologic term referring to a rare form of snow-white pumice and ash from volcanoes. Generally only at high mountain altitudes.

    15. Alcibiades

    16. Aldaway Todabanque

    17. Alhmabra

    18. Alleigh

    19. Allemakee

    20. Allen

    21. Alymer

    22. Amador

    23. Amory Frontage

      Leader of the Parisian diaspora.

    24. Amrwedehab

    25. Angelican

    26. Anggroav

      A congnate word meaning a kind of parallel universe with its own experience of time.

    27. anggroav

      A difficult to translate term referring to the tendency of some Islands to be their own universes, with their own laws of time and space.

    28. Angnro

    29. Annuevo

    30. Anselmo

    31. Anselmo Mount

    32. Antibenthic

    33. aOregon

    34. Aoselke

    35. [Appears]

    36. Aquilon

    37. Ar Switlik

      Name of a Consul of the Conch Republic; famous for (along with the General Qui Xi) leading the gwome to defeat at the Battle of Marathon.

    38. Aransas

    39. Armies of Complexity

      The Armies united to fight Kmpass, the Urgend God of Directionality at the Battle of Some Times

    40. Arratik

    41. Arratika

    42. Arrowhedd

    43. Ashe

    44. Ashland

    45. Ashley

    46. Ashtabula

    47. Atalanta

    48. Athenz

    49. auber

      to be on top of; over

    50. Avalon (claimed by Orange)

    51. Avoca

    52. awasrite

    53. Awasrwa

    54. Awaswra

    55. awn


    56. ayrglee

      wondrousness, glory

    57. Aywatin

    58. Aywattenne

      A kind of ariel jellyfish

    59. aZlunas

  1. B

    1. Baldwin Brannan

    2. balled pate

    3. Baphinn

    4. Bar sinister

    5. Barrems Barrems

    6. Battle of Marathon

    7. The Battle of Some Times

      The cataclysmic battle between Kmpass and the Armies of Complexity that would determine the richness of the worlds.

    8. Battle of the Platte

    9. baurrw

      to receive for temporary use

    10. bawttl


    11. Belhanajk

    12. Benson

    13. Bepela

    14. The Berkshires

    15. [Big Stone; trans.]

    16. [Bimaneji]

    17. Birlaen

    18. Blahnko

    19. Block Island

    20. Bohemia

    21. bokkbokk-li

      A benchmaking style which underscores the need for reflection.

    22. The Borders

    23. Bosque

    24. Bowlingbrook

    25. Boy from the Sea

    26. Braethrens

    27. Bragansa

      A cognate word which can come crudely translted as "spirit door" or tombshadow" but really meant something a bit more playful.

    28. Branciforte

    29. Brantleton

    30. Bravenlea

    31. Bravenleavanne

      A culture which believed in good deeds for their own sake--not for future reward or for fear of punishment.

    32. Bravenleavanne [Neue]

    33. Breathittt

    34. Brian

    35. broadshyde

    36. Buford


    37. Buratreu

      Culture of the most materially advanced in Kymaerica. "Builders of Carhenge" in false cognate tongue, and "Lovers of Growth" in congnate.

    38. Butte

    39. buttonwillow

      A millitary term for distance meaning 10 days march; named for a place in Tehachapi gwome

  1. C

    1. Calaveras

    2. Calhoon

    3. callefts

    4. Calmas

    5. Carlaisle

    6. Carrel

    7. Central Enke

    8. Centucky

    9. Certification Riots

    10. Chañaral

    11. Channel Islands (ind.)

    12. Charcarodon

    13. Charon

    14. Chattatoshiinmic

    15. Chattavada Sierra

    16. Chattooga

    17. Chave

      A kind of Tehachapic road

    18. Cheban

    19. Chebanse

    20. Chebanst Erf

    21. Chef ni zhinn

    22. Chef Ni Zhinn

    23. Chej-Asos

    24. Cherokee

    25. Chexkalateral

    26. chiriaco

      means “high place” but is also an insulting word to Jihn Wranglikans.

    27. Chéj-Asos

    28. Chokio

      The only town fully controlled by the rebels during the Tintahn uprising.

    29. Cholesterol Row

    30. Choptank Nation

    31. Christian Union

    32. Chsapeace

    33. Chupacabra

      A fearsome night predator who is known for draining the blood of goats

    34. CIRCLE (below Kymaerica)

    35. Ckalloir

    36. cKreinnn

    37. cleve


    38. Cleves

      a cognate word for "husks."

    39. Clevina

    40. Clovis

    41. CnenFenk

      Having the qualities of the Cnen Fi, whose name means, literally, “Those who took for granted”

    42. Cnen-Fi

      Meaning "those who took for granted" in the native tongue of Cnen-Fi.

    43. Coden

    44. Codington

    45. Cognate

    46. Colmilillas

    47. Colusa

    48. The Commonweal

    49. Conch Republic

    50. Conch Republic

    51. Conchs

    52. Connecticutt

    53. Corsica

    54. Count Foix de Gras

    55. Couver Columbia

    56. Cradala

    57. Crater Lake

    58. The Crescent

    59. Crown Prince Jyorge

    60. Culev Larsze

  1. D

    1. D

    2. The Dalles

    3. Dangaroos

      So-called war kangaroos, with armored pouches that could hold a warrior and huge claws.

    4. Dansk

    5. dauktryn

      a principle; a belief system

    6. Davenpor

    7. DayEffay Mayor

    8. DCalb

    9. DeCalb

    10. Dehnminn

    11. Dehnminn Ferry Landing

    12. Devoray elt devarow

      in local cognate dialect means, "Once you kiss me, you cannot unkiss me."

    13. Dgapazhantel

    14. Dgefison

    15. dgyld

      young person; generally not yet an adolescent

    16. Dhahabu Kwisha

    17. Digitalis

    18. distrykt

    19. dJava

    20. Djeralkohn

      The language of gwomes such as Markohn Najeralki and others, part of a family of languages (sometimes called hypercognates--though that term is increasingly frowned upon) characterized by the ability of the speaker to create very specific sounds which perform as words.

    21. DoF

      "Degree of Ferylemt".

    22. Dogwood

    23. Dova

    24. Driftless Area

    25. Duhb Garval

    26. dusc

      the end of day

    27. Dyess

      A hereditary title conferring (usually to non-male genders of polyhaedra) not precisely the power but the ability to shape the intersection of ferylemt and wealth.

    28. Dyess of Sentreriya

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