Saturday, January 21, 2006

Sarke Georgia: AIR Report Opening at Mercury Art Works

From 6-8 on January 21st
Private (that means you) Reception for Exhibition at Mercury Art Works

Sarke Georgia and Kymaerica: The A.I.R. Report

If you are a reader of this website, you are invited.

Starting January 22 through the end of March, we'll have a dramatic installation of photomurals, digital prints, paintings and other artifacts from Kymaerica at the Mercury A.I.R. in Athenz, sGeorgia.

Mercury Art Works
160 Tracy Street 
Athens, Georgia

Preceding the opening party is a special Bus Tour visiting important Kymaerican sites between Atlanta and Athens.  It starts at 1:30 and seating is limited.  The Bus Tour concludes in Athens with dinner followed by this reception.