Saturday, September 23, 2006

Kymaerican Spelling Bee 2006

At 3 PM on Saturday September 23rd, we will have the first Kymaerican Spelling Bee in Tooth Alley (just off the Town Square, right next to 116 N. Main st, home of Embassy Row.

To sign up, email or drop by Teri's Threads at 112 N. Main Street in Paris, Illinois.

Spellers will be responsible for all the words upstairs at Embassy Row, and a special sheet that will be available at Teri's Threads.

For spectators, the competition will be quite intense. The spellers are competing for a 100 dollar first prize as well as other prizes.

[NOTE: Originally Saturday was to be the Preliminary Round (we planned to have the Finals on Sunday) because of other scheduling conflicts with the Honeybee Festival (and another link here that mentions us) but in the end we were allowed plenty of time.  So it all worked out and the whole thing was done on this day.]