December 16th-December 23rd

Kcy’s Disputed Likeness Collection#1 Debut at FLOR 12/16-12/23 2010

For Years, artist Eames Demetrios has been active as a Geographer-At-Large, exploring a parallel universe called Kcymaerxthaere. The name comes from the cognate words kcymaara (meaning “the true physicality of the planet“) and xthaere (which is a shape with almost an infinity of edges or dimensions—infinity minus 29 to be precise). He honors aspects of this alternate world by installing bronze plaques and historical sites in our linear world—like a novel with every page in a different place. Currently, there are 74 plaque and historical sites in 13 linear countries with numerous new sites and developments in process now.

In February 2010, Demetrios first shared his stories of Kcymaerxthaere with the people of Penduka, a women’s collective in Windhoek, Namibia. These skilled embroiderers, many from the San tradition, began rendering fragments of what Demetrios calls "disputed likenesses" of his stories. He returned in the Fall of 2010 to shares the stories again, discuss the work-to-date and fine tune the collaboration with the embroiderers--focusing on the imagery for three kcymaerxthaereal legends: Culev Larsze, Eliala Mei-Ning, and Kirguellin. Through physical samples and digital connection, the process continued, resulting in (literally) otherworldly embroidery panels.

Only 151 of each of story will be available as a limited edition. Each story panel is embroidered by hand by a member of the Penduka collective. The labels on the back give the provenance and edition number. When the edition is complete, Demetrios will continue to work with Penduka to create products inspired by this work as a regular source of income for their community. The bags showing the beloved creature known as the gnacien will be part of the original product series.

Opening Reception:

Thursday, December 16th 2010 6-9 p.m. (at 7p.m. Eames Demetrios reads from the embroideries). Drinks courtesy of Hendrick's Gin.

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