Monday, November 17th, 2008

Eqlmundi Kirwela of Culev Larsze Dedication

This was a joyful installation. The story of the Eqlmundi Kirwela of Culev Larsze was told to the kids of Adharshila by the Geographer-at-Large. The students drew many drawings, attempting to convey the details of the story and capturing the essence of the characters. These were collected and vetted for accuracy and then the students painted a mural which depicted the scenes of the story.

Eqlmundi Kirwela essentially means Tower of Wisdom in the Cognate tongue and it was built by Culev Larsze in the process of shaking the punishment of the gods.

A report of what we did in the small village of Sakad in linear Madhya Pradesh state in what we call India. It is in Adharshila Learning Centre. Please let them know you are coming.