Wednesday, October 1st, 2008

A Writing Appears dedication

AM TOLD THESE DIRECTIONS ARE NOT SO GREAT. Probably best to go to the center of Kautzen and ask for directions to the Scorpion Platz. Near the town of Kautzen in linear Austria, not far from the Scorpion-Platz. The longitude and latitude are:
48.921217N 15.200953E

These are directions I got from Google Maps. They are from the Village of Kautzen which is nearby. FROM KAUTZEN: Head west on B30/Hauptpl./Thayatal-Bundesstra├če toward B30/Heidenreichsteiner Str. Continue to follow B30/Thayatal-Bundesstra├če THEN, you take a right towards Alm just as you get to Weissenbach (another village). You go for a kilometer or so and take a right and head up a hill. Honestly? Put the co-ordinates above into Google Maps and print it out. Most people in the area are used to visitors to the ScorpionPlatz which is very close.